Who is RockScapes?

RockScapes is a business specializing in concrete who have been in business for over 25 years. With their previous logo design, the current owner felt like it was time to give the business a modern logo update. The clean and elegant design resonates with this company well, a company that does excellent concrete work that stands the test of time. RockScapes takes pride in minimal maintenance and doing the job right the first time to ensure that customers are happy with their work, every time.

Rockscapes Mountain Icon.

icon creation explained

Opting for a straightforward mountain logo holds numerous merits for a concrete enterprise such as Rockscapes, driven by a multitude of compelling factors. Primarily, mountains seamlessly evoke attributes of unwavering strength, enduring resilience, and resolute stability—traits inherently sought after in a concrete-centric enterprise. Moreover, the mountain emblem offers inherent adaptability and instant recognition, rendering it a potent branding asset. Whether adorning company vehicles, employee uniforms, or promotional collateral, this emblem stands as an arresting and memorable symbol, actively nurturing brand familiarity and fostering unwavering customer loyalty.