Who is Howlr Mining & Construction

Howlr Mining and Construction is a dynamic company rooted in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Howlr is a new start up company looking to make a way for themselves in the mining and construction industry with over 15 years of experience in these respective fields. Over at Moab Media we have converged with Howlr’s unique vision, resulting in a stunning emblem that harmonizes custom typography with a captivating icon. This collaboration not only signifies Howlr’s commitment to excellence but also exemplifies Moab Media’s dedication to shaping distinct brand identities.

icon creation explained

The logo for Howlr Mining and Construction holds profound significance through its carefully crafted icon. The 6-pointed star embodies a miner’s light, symbolizing the company’s specialization in mining and illumination of the path to success. It represents clarity and expertise in navigating the depths of mining operations. Surrounding the star, the 4-pointed puckered square represents the outer glow from the main lamp, signifying the company’s radiant influence and leadership within the industry. The combination of the star and the puckered square harmoniously captures Howlr’s commitment to providing reliable solutions and its ability to shine brightly amidst challenges. This emblem resonates with the company’s identity, epitomizing professionalism, proficiency, and innovation in mining and construction endeavors.