Who is falk welding?

Falk Welding & Inspection is a business based out of Lloydminster, AB. Falk was one of Moab Media’s first clients and as it turns out one of our most helpful clients as well. Devon Falk who owns this company was so happy with the work that he has recommended Moab Media to numerous other small businesses who have gotten a logo designed by us as well. We are so grateful to have gotten this project and we are thankful for all the other satisfied clients we’ve been able to get because of the recommendations from Falk.
Falk Welding Droplet Icon.

icon creation explained

The interlocking of two oil drops in a welding business logo represents a powerful and meaningful concept. Firstly, oil drops symbolize strength, durability, and fluidity, which are key qualities required in the welding industry. They signify the ability to withstand high temperatures and pressure, reflecting the resilience and reliability of the business.

The interlocking nature of the drops further adds depth to the logo’s symbolism. It signifies unity, collaboration, and the coming together of different elements. This represents the welding process itself, where separate components are joined to create a strong, cohesive structure.

Overall, the interlocking oil drops in a welding business logo encapsulate strength, collaboration, expertise, and durability, making it a fitting and compelling icon that visually communicates the core values and capabilities of the company.